During the Fall 2020 semester, the Faculty of Engineering's Local Wellness Advisor, Lauren Weber, hosted live PURE workshops for McGill University engineering students. These workshops were recorded and are now available for viewing anytime and anywhere!


Below you will find the title and description of each workshop, as well as links to their recordings.

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Recorded Workshops

PURE workshops are interactive and informative 30-minute online sessions which provide students with information and tools in the areas below. Hover over the images or click the PURE icons for workshop viewing.

Stress & Coping


The Stress & Coping workshop will provide insight into the nature of stress and how you can effectively manage it.

Social Networking in University


The Social Networking workshop will provide insight into the benefits of social connectedness and support as well as address ways you can seek help as a university student.

Performance & Expectations


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Performance & Expectations

The Performance & Expectations workshop will provide strategies for managing self-critical thoughts and perfectionism.

Adulting 101


The Adulting 101 workshop will provide insight into how to navigate newfound independence as well as provide tips to boost your self-care routine despite a busy university schedule.

Recorded Strategy Practice Sessions

Strategy sessions are about 30-minutes in length and walk students through a number of different strategies to enhance their resilience. Hover over the images for session viewing.

Physical Calming in Stressful Moments


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Physical Calming

This session walks students through evidence-based physical calming strategies for stressful moments, including progressive muscle relaxation and the calming breath.

Mindfulness On The Go

This session walks students through informal mindfulness practices, which may be easily incorporated into day-to-day living and are a great complement to formal mindfulness practices.

Applying the Science of Mindfulness

Brain Scans

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Applying the science of mindfulness

This session walks students through evidence-based formal mindfulness practices, incorporating key research findings and strategy practice.

Improving Performance with Self-Compassion

This session walks students through strategies for fostering self-compassion, including loving-kindness meditation, and presents research evidence for their effectiveness.