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Navigating PURE


There are four core areas of resilience-building included within the PURE program:

Under each core area in the top menu, you will find (1) an information page about the area and (2) strategies and/or resources that are specifically tailored to resilience-building in that area.

Learning about PURE core areas

In addition to the information page located in the dropdown menu of each core area of resilience-building, your Faculty of Engineering Local Wellness Advisor, Lauren Weber, has hosted free workshops pertaining to each area which are now available as recordings on this website! You can find out more about each workshop and view the recordings the Workshops page.

Accessing PURE strategies and resources

You can access the strategies and resources directly on the PURE website or you have the option to download them in order to access them offline. Strategies and resources include infographics and guided audios that you can use anywhere and at any time. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all of the PURE resources included on the website, don't worry! By clicking the button below, we will guide you to the resources that best fit your needs.